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Sweat Infused Rice Balls (and Armpit Sweat Rice Balls?): The Latest Weird Food Trend

Sweat Infused Rice Balls (and Armpit Sweat Rice Balls?): The Latest Weird Food Trend




Just when you thought the outrageous novelty food trends couldn't get any, well, weirder, the internet has gone and outdone itself yet again. Because apparently, the latest "it" snack that's causing a big stir is sweat infused rice balls. And you thought pickle milkshakes were bizarre!

For the culinary daredevils who can't get enough of pushing boundaries (and probably a few masochists sprinkled in), chefs are now incorporating...wait for it...actual human perspiration into glutinous rice concoctions. The sweat, sourced from vigorous workouts or "farm to face" methods, provides a salty, savory flavor bomb when folded into the rice dough.

Maybe these folks really leaned into pandemic-induced boredom. Or possibly they figured since the whole "sun-dried" trend makes salt from desiccated perspiration somewhat of a thing, why not skip the drying and go full steam ahead with sweat rice balls?

Regardless of the rationale, unwrapping a nice warm bundle of moisture and body odor to munch on certainly puts a new spin on "drip eating." At least wine moms who've embraced the "oenoviolence" of red wine doughnuts can laugh at those still buying overpriced "raw" water.

But in case that's not enough to satiate the armpit appetites (and trust us, we're panicking a bit just typing that), reports are emerging of chefs doubling down by incorporating the most concentrated source of perspiration - actual armpit sweat.

Seriously, did we accidentally wake up in an alternate reality where everyone decided to start venerating pits like it's ancient Mesoamerica? At what point did salty moisture suddenly become the "it" condiment to top desserts and cocktails with?

Maybe there's just a severe shortage of seasoning and sweat stepped in to fill the void. Or perhaps the ever-popular "naturvors" have taken things way too far. Because wanting nourishment from our own humanly excreted bodily fluids feels very next-level...

Look, we get it - sweat, especially from eccrine glands, has some beneficial compounds like proteins and electrolytes. And the human body's complex smorgasbord of pheromones, salts, and organic compounds might tickle the adventurous foodie palate. But we're gonna go out on a limb and say most people would pass on partaking in those flavors.

While we absolutely respect anyone's culinary creativity here at (no shame if sweaty rice balls are your jam!), we're just a tad more focused on preventing sweat from, you know, staining your clothes and giving you funky pit smells. In our world, blocking moisture intrusion is the aim of the game when it comes to those underarm areas.

So if you need a way to keep your shirt underarms dry while sipping on your...damp beverages...or munching that dripping salty snack, check out our patented sweat proof undershirts. The waterproof lining will make sure your perspiration stays locked away from the rest of your outfit. Crisis averted - you're welcome!